Thank You, Cary, and Ramapo College!



Collage courtesy of Meghann Wright’s Instagram feed.

Last night was an amazing example of the power of friendship in its truest form, as exhibited at Ramapo College, in Mahwah, NJ.

A wonderful young man, Cary, may suffer from cerebral palsy, but that did not stop him from organizing a Transgender Awareness show and asked Mina and Meghann Wright were asked to perform, which they were honored to do so. Cary himself is not transsexual, but his friend Zach is, and he wanted to find a beautiful way to let Zach, who is transitioning to Agatha, know how proud he is of his friend’s coming out.

In Linden Hall, an ample amount of supporters came to watch these two fine ladies perform to an attentive, dead-silent crowd. In turn, we hope it gives all those in the LGBT community the courage to stay true to themselves, and strive to make their lives the best they possibility can.

Mina was thrilled, humbled and honored to be asked to participate, and would do again in a heartbeat.

Congratulations, Agatha, on your coming out!

As Much Truth is Now Available!


As Much Truth As one Can BearWe are mighty pleased to announce Mina’s new record, As Much Truth as One can Bear, is now available digitally as a download from the iTunes Music Store, and other fine digital download sites!

Also, if you’re still anxiously awaiting, all Indiegogo perks have been mailed out, and should be in your hands!

Preview and purchase the record here, and let Mina know your thoughts in the comments!

Psychology Today talks Mina/Life of Agony

psy_today_logoIn a very positive sentiment, Dr.Michael Friedman, Ph.D., focuses on how heavy metal music has evolved with more and more LGBT musicians in the genre.

Through his Psychology Today blog, Brick by Brick, Dr. Friedman showcases Mina and Life of Agony’s return from a three-year hiatus. In one fell swoop, he also discusses how the world of heavy metal has come to welcome more LGBT musicians in a genre which at one time, scoffed at the inclusion.

…Caputo also provides an opportunity to challenge long-held beliefs about heavy metal musicians and fans. Heavy metal music has been dismissed as aggressive and even dangerous. This sentiment was highlighted in 1985 by the Parents Music Research Center (PMRC), which put heavy metal on trial accusing heavy metal and its musicians of undermining family values and even encouraging suicide in children.

It is indeed a very informative read, and we encourage you to take a gander at the full article by clicking here.


Life of Agony Returns to the Stage!

loaLife of Agony is proud to announce they will be performing in Europe this August, the first show since the group’s lead singer Mina Caputo (formerly known as Keith Caputo) came out as transgender in 2011. The show will take place at Belgium’s Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival with Marilyn Manson on Friday, August 8th. The famed River Runs Red lineup, rounded out by guitarist Joey Z, bassist Alan Robert and drummer Sal Abruscato are excited to take the stage together once again after a three-year hiatus.

“We’ve helped so many people around the world cope with their emotional struggles through our music, it was time to get back out there,” said Robert, regarding the group’s decision to reunite for the upcoming show. “Our songs connect with people on an emotional level because they were written out of real pain and hardship. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, blue, green, gay, straight, trans or whatever. Our fans know it comes from a real place and have stood by us. We’ve always worn our hearts on our sleeves. That is just who we are and that is something that will never change.”

All four Life of Agony band members have kept busy with other projects since their last performances together a few years ago. Mina Caputo released a solo album titled As Much Truth as One Can Bear with the help of a successful Indiegogo campaign. Joey Z continued to produce albums for several recording artists around the globe. Alan Robert released his third, award-winning horror graphic novel Killogy (IDW Publishing) and Sal Abruscato’s band, A Pale Horse Named Death, recorded its acclaimed sophomore album Lay My Soul to Waste (SPV Records).

For more information on Life of Agony and the upcoming performance, visit their official website.

(Originally posted at Revolver Magazine.)

Indiegogo Perks On the Way!

indieJust a heads up to all the lovelies who were amazing with their generosities over the summer supporting Mina’s Indiegogo campaign:

We are pleased to announce the limited edition lyric/art book with a copy of Mina’s 2013 release, As Much Truth as One Can Bear, has been shipped by our friends, The End Records. It should be in your precious hands any day now domestically, while some of our international friends will have to wait a couple extra days. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Also, to those awaiting downloads of “Identity,” your download codes have also been eMailed to you!

Once again, we thank you for your support, and hope you revel in the record as much as Mina did while recording it.

And again, a big shout out to The End Records for getting everything out and about!

Thank You, Indiegogo Contributors!

My dear Fans, Friends, and Family,

With your belief in the music I strive to make, you have made a serious, conscious effort by contributing to my Indiegogo campaign, thus one of the most important records of my career.

Words alone are most certainly not enough to show how much compassion, gratitude, and humbleness I feel. Within an industry full of the same cookie-cutter music, a select few of artists still persevere and make it completely on their own.  And for just that alone, I can do nothing, but produce fine music and say thank you.

Although there were many others, I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to the following for allowing this album to come to light:

Elizabeth Agate

Ainhoa Iglesias

Ryan A. Potter

Jackie Allen

Jeff Irwin

Derek Pretti

Joe Altier

Sandra Ivy

Michael Ramistella

Matt & Bailey Terhune

Matt Jacobson

Katrin Rau-Peru

Wolfgang E. Bayrhuber

Keith Jaeger

Tiffany Reimes

Dave Beeson


Michael Reiter

Kelly Begue

Jango’s Coeln Tattoo

Alexander Reklau

Terri Bencivenga

Nina Jedrzejek

Paul Relf

Lily F. Bentley

Thomas Jentsch

Maaike Renard

Dorit Berenbrinker

DHaeseleer Johan

Andi Reynolds

Fredrik Bjornstigen

Tim Jones

Jörg Broghammer

Yannick Borin

Antje Juno & Niels Tusenius

Jürgen Grief

Adriaan Bouman

Tina Kavanagh

Alan Robert

Sascha Brüggenolte

Greg Keely

Nathalie & Robin Stiller

Lee Braddock

Markus Kehrer

Mario Rossi

Daniel Brandon

Daniel Kientz

Stephan Rott

Meurton Braumeister

Chris King

Christoph Rottensteiner

Andrea Braunschweig

Brian Kirk

Melissa Roysden

Darlie Brewster

Max Klein

Julie Ruderman & Scott Holzer

Stefan Briel

Diana Klein

Michelle Rusch

Rebekah Britton

Roy Knapen

Franz Ruthner

Willem Bunjes

Richard Knight

Alexander Samsz

David Bunning

Glenn Koetzner

Francesco Sardoni

William Burkhardt

denise korycki

Dori Ann Scagnelli

Brian Busk

Nina Kramer

Kathryn Schakel

Lanny Carey

Agnes Kormeni

Raymond Schavemaker

Tammy Cear

Janice Krautkraemer

Maria Scholze

Addie Chernow

Stefan Kren

Matthias Schwettmann

Peter Cioe

Ann Kutcher

Clive Scott

Will Clarke

Jeriël van der Land

Antonia Seiler

Knut Claußen

Michael Laimo

Lisa Simpson

Ashley Clifford

Richard Laverick

Thorsten Skaletz

Tina Colada

Mark Lecomte

Ulrik Skov

Chris Connell

Frank Lefering

Dimitri Sponselee

Matt Cook

Martina Linnemann

Olaf Stapel

Robyn Cooke

Joëlle Schisselé

Devian Starr

Andrew Cooper

Amar Lohana

Robert Stavitskie

Andrea Costanzo

Jen Lombardo & Reinder Oldenburger

Al Stavola

Rob Cuthbert

Jani Louvel

Lucie Sterbova

Mike Cuvalo

mode ludovic

Sebastian Steur

Rupa DasGupta

douglas m loffredo

Sabrina Stieger

Anca David

Mads Mølbæk

Matt Stow

Robyn Davis

André Mölders

Oliver Strutz

Cécile de Vries

Jessie Maertz

David Struyf

Stefanie De Nicolo

Joanna Malaczynska

Grete Sukopp

Melissa Deans

Serafino Mamone

Phil Swanson

David DiVona

Felicia Martinez

Michael Tashman

Kenn Dreitlein

Aicher Mathias

Paul Tassin

Jim Driscoll

Luisa Matijasevic

Daniel teckntrup

Paul Ellarby

John McDonald

Elke Teurlinckx

Kyle S. Ellis

Paul McGhee

Cristian Turani

Stefan Enchev

Almer Meerhof

Glenn Turn

Michele Feldman

Evelyn Menigat

Sara Turnasella

Michael Fell

Jay Merry

Alex Vacca

Stefano Figura

Greg Metchnik

Stephane Verflieren

Anouk Fiks

Ian Michael Burgess

Doug Venner

Keaira Finlay

Frank Mielzarek

Olivier van Vlasselaer

Richard Fonseca

Steve Migliore

Mariuuz F. Vindedal

Erster Fussballclub Köln

Glen Mitchell

Mitja Wagner

Victor Gashnikov

Evan Mitchell

Irene Wagner

Xavier Gayola Vicedo

Chris Mock

Armin Wartmann

Diana Gee

Marcel Muller

Ian Watson

Chrysta Gejdos

Simon Mudra

Insa Weißpfennig

Petra Gentner

Antti Muinonen

Claudia Weijers

Stephanie Geny-Bikialo

Simån Cicek

Walter Weiss

Thomas Gibbs

Peter Natale

Aileen Wessely

Rob Gill

Bernd Neikes

Leanne Whelan

Jeremy Gray

Benjamin Nitsche

Markus Wiatr

Billy Gregory

Janne Nurmi

Scott Wilcox

Tobias Greiner

Maya R. Odinezenko

Lars Wilkens

Olof Hänel

Jennii Palmehn

James Wilkins

Justin Hall

Jennifer Palmer-Violet

Edward Wilson

Claus Hansen

Shea Park

Shawn Winter

Antje Hardenberg

Dee Patterson

Annelies Witman

Angela Harrison

Anthony Patti

S. Christian Wohlleb

Jo Haskayne


Ken Wood

Daniel Haward

Tomas Pelak

Meghann Wright

Josh Herrin

Lori Ann Perham

Sylvie Yeranotsian

Jennifer Herrmann

Timo Peymann

Greg York

Danny Hessing

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Stephen Young

Florian Hiemer

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Agnieszka Ziemann

Robert Hocks

Romina Philipp

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Andreas Holm

Amanda Piersiak

Scott Holzer

Mari Pineiro

Lotje Horvers

Sandra Piscitelli

Robert Hotton

Chris Pope

Kevin Hunnicutt

Oli Porter

Much love always,


Mina’s Playing at The Bitter End!

the_bitter_endHey everybody!

As you may or may not know, December 4 is Mina’s birthday, and two days after, on Friday, December 6, Mina will be playing a show at The Bitter End!

We all love seeing Mina play live, as it is truly a spiritual experience. It would really mean the world to Mina if you came down! Think of it as a birthday gift!

We hope to see everyone on Dec. 6! Please note there will be no presage for tickets, as you can purchase them starting @ 6:30p at The Bitter End’s Box Office!

We hope to see you there!

Click on the logo above to view directions and more information on the venue.